Website Design and SEO company based in Kent


Website design experts and specialist SEO agents.

Lollipops is a well-established local family company from Kent. We help to enable our clients around the globe to create and execute strategies for their digital transformation.

Lollipops have over ten years of experience in website design as well as tacking the everchanging task that is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Our offices are located in Medway and are powered by our unique imagination, knowledge, and experience. Enabling us to employ the very latest design, performance and optimisation techniques, which we bring to every project we undertake.


our approach to building and designing websites is very unique, so we have broken it down into four easy steps so you can get an insight into how we work.

website design and SEO solutions based in Kent. Lollipops were asked to completely modernise the website with a new look and feel.