Technology has advanced greatly within the past decade. What seemed impossible ten to fifteen years ago is now possible thanks to latest technological advancements. One of those things is video conferencing. Gone are the days when you have to be part of long and exhausting meetings at your workplace. Now you can have your meetings from the comfort of your own home thanks to apps that make all this possible.

Video conferencing apps has not only made talking to your loved ones easier, it can also be utilized in your workplace. Moreover, nowadays these apps come with specific features that are relevant for meetings and presentations, such as whiteboarding.

Moreover, a good video conferencing app must have certain important specifications in order for it to be usable. For instance, it should be reliable, meaning the video should offer clarity and the calls should be clear at all times. With keeping that in mind, listed below are the top five video conferencing apps that are being utilized for their amazing features during meetings and presentations.

a run down of the top five video conferencing apps avalible today

1. Zoom

Zoom has recently gained a lot of popularity this year and that too for good reasons. It is one of the best apps one can use when it comes to video conferencing. It comes with an abundance of features and different plans depending on the size of the business and their needs. Zoom’s prices range from free for one-on-one meetings to £11.99 per month for a single host, with a minimum of hundred hosts when it comes to businesses. For larger business-level plans, the features included are unlimited cloud storage, up to 200 participants per meeting, a vanity meeting URL, custom e-mails, and so much more.

2. Skype

Before there was Zoom, there was Skype. When it comes to smaller businesses or teams, Skype seems to be a decent solution for it all. It is free to use when all participants have the app. However, there are in-app purchases for certain features and you have to pay when calling someone outside from Skype. When it comes to video calls, you can add up to 25 participants. There are also quite a few business features, like virtual white-boarding capabilities, adding up to 250 participants in a meeting, plus more.
The user fee starts at about £6/user/month for the business features.

3. Google Meet (Google Hangouts)

Google Hangouts has upgraded itself to Google Meet, which was specifically made for business owners. It was created for planned video meetings among the members of a team. Plus, it comes with features that are similar to Zoom, such as conference room booking, calendar syncing, and a smooth user interface. It is free for up to hundred participants and up to one hour. For business teams, the cost starts from £4.99 per month for G Suite Basic.

4. GoToMeeting

This app comes with several useful features, such as scheduling a meeting, instant meetings, in-app meeting messaging between members, and meeting transcription services, to name a few. Their prices start at £9.50 per month for up to 150 participants. For a larger group of people, it costs £12.67 per month for 250 participants.

5. Cisco WebEx

This app is particularly helpful for larger businesses; however that doesn’t mean that smaller businesses cannot benefit from it. Their video conferencing service works as a combination of voice calling and web conferencing services, since it allows the user to join meetings either through the phone or online, depending on the location of the participant. Their pricing starts from £11.25 per host for one month.


It should be noted that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of these video conferencing apps are currently offering discounts on majority of their plans and subscriptions. Therefore, the prices listed here may vary. Visit the official websites of these apps in order to get more information.