Creating fresh new content for your business or brand is never easy. Still, there is always a simple and effective way you can spice up and breath new life into your posts, using animations is a great way to do this and is a lot easier to do than most people think!

Instagram stories are perfect for this, and there are lots of free and easy websites and mobile apps out there to help you achieve animation glory and get your brand or business to stand out from the sea of other posts and stories.

Using templates is the most simple and effective way to make this happen. In this post, you’ll learn everything about using templates and how to create some fantastic posts for your business.


Most of you probably already know or have seen brands and influencers using Instagram stories as part of their marketing strategies.

These are user posts that are displayed at the top of your news feed, as well as everyone else’s news feeds that follow you too. These stories stay live for 24 hours from uploading them.

These are perfect for updating your followers on your daily activities such as a behind the scene look into your business. You can even use the stories to provide an essential message you want to give out to your followers such as upcoming news or promotions.

Stories are not just limited to pictures, you can add videos, poll questions and even go live, the possibilities are endless!


It is essential to keep your brand up to date with the latest trends and key ways to deliver content to your audience. Instagram stories is a prime example of this. It is a brilliant tool to push content to your followers.

As the Instagram stories platform continues to grow, this is actually becoming more popular than the conventional standard post to your usual instagram page.  We now see businesses focusing on creating highly designed stories just as much as their regular posts to keep the followers interacting and focused on visiting their pages and buying their products.

An essential tip is to make sure your stories and content match aesthetically to your brand and profile pages. Thus helping with building brand recognition and also in helping to introduce new audiences to your brand and business.


My favourite place to create free social images and content is  if you haven’t already got an account go there now and sign up for one it’s FREE (there is a pro paid version, but it is not needed)

Cava has a massive free template library that you can click on and edit to suit your own needs. The other awesome thing about using Canva is they have all the templates and dimensions for all the social media app’s already listed, so you search what type of content you are trying to create and then it will show you all the templates available for that. 

For this, it’s Instagram stories

Once you have picked the template that you want to use it is time to edit it. This is a lot more simple than it sounds, so please don’t panic.

The first thing I do is edit the text and replace any images if I need to.

To upload your own images, go to the uploads tab on the left-hand side of the page, and either drag and drop the images you want to use or click on the Upload an Image or Video button.

It will then appear in the upload tab, and you can drag it onto your Instagram story template.

Once you have edited your text and added or replaced any images as needed, you can start to add some simple animations into your design.

To do this, go to the elements tab and look for stickers, click on it to expand fully and show all available stickers.

When you find the right animated sticker, you can drag it onto your design and place it where you think it works best.

Once you are finished with your design, you can go ahead and save it out from Canva. To do this, go to the top right-hand corner of the page and click on the Publish button, then select download and click on the Video option.

Once its downloaded your free to upload it to your Instagram story and watch your beautiful new animated story in action!


Below is my final animated template that is ready to be uploaded to my Instagram Stories: